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Ambient-Jazz-Fusion - beautiful, atmospheric downtempo instrumental music with expressive melodies and soulful solos featuring guitar and piano as our lead instruments

Ordering our CDs

Our music on CD - for music lovers, collectors - or as a nice present!

Our CDs are pressed editions - not burned CD-ROMs - and come in shrinkwrapped jewel boxes like most other commercial CDs, which you can buy in stores.

The CDs will be sent in a protective bag per Deutsche Post as priority letter pretty much worldwide. Payment via PayPal.

Note: If you live outside the European Union, depending on your country you might be required to pay customs. Please check with the Customs Office in your country about the custom taxes due for audio CDs before ordering.

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Continental Drift (March 2015)

Continental Drift - Cover

Digital Release 2015-03-29, CD Release 2015-07-27

Our new album "Continental Drift" with 10 brand new instrumental tracks.

Visit our album presentation page with preview samples by clicking here.


  1. Light House
  2. Drifting Mind
  3. After The Storm
  4. Balance
  5. Nautilus Voyage
  6. Shades Of Colour
  7. Ballet In The Deep
  8. Sunday Promenade
  9. Sahara
  10. Red Bird

Total playing time of CD: 52'28"


GTIN/EAN: 4050215103979

Label: recordJet (LC 24625)

Released: 2015-03-29 (CD: 2015-07-27)

Copyright: 2015 Dokapi - all rights reserved.

Where to get it: click here


Composed and Produced: Dokapi

Guitar: Titus Köstler-Philipp

Keyboards, Programming, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Graphic Design: Tilman Sommer

For the design of the CD cover images from Earth by NASA project Visible Earth have been used.

Warm thanks to our friends providing valuable feedback during the production of this album: Joachim, Monique and Joachim, Elke and Andy.

Many thanks to the following OpenSource projects:

Harmonic Waves (March 2006)

Harmonic Waves - CD Cover

Our debut album with 10 instrumental tracks

Visit our album presentation page with preview samples by clicking here.

Comments on the CD ( 2006)

... Great smooth Music, floating Grooves,Jazz&Rock Influences, driven u away ...

... great performance, beautiful sounds. awesome ...

... I really liked the combination of sounds used here. ... Well done!

... Well mixed and produced ...


  1. Silver Creek
  2. Sentimental Notes
  3. Peacock
  4. Savannah
  5. Open Your Heart
  6. Blue Nite
  7. The Streets of Miami
  8. Yucca
  9. Trek To Makalu
  10. Space Odyssey

Total playing time of CD: 58'23"


EAN/UPC: 634479350252

Where to get it: click here

Released: 2006-03-24

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0


Thanks to Alexander Philipp for shooting the ingenious cover photo of a beach at the atlantic west coast of France. And very special thanks to Andreas Schmid for his generous "artist sponsoring" by providing professional support and advice to transform our CD design in the final artwork master for the production. Last but not least, many thanks also to Monique for her helpful feedback when adding the finishing touches on the album.