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Films and Videos featuring Music by Dokapi

If you are an film maker and you would like to use music by Dokapi in your projects, simply contact us via email and tell us a little bit about your project! We are very much interested to hear from you.

For productions of films to be released under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license, you are welcome to use our tracks under CC BY-SA 3.0 license, which are listed here. In this case, we appreciate a short notice by e-mail upon release. For further information about the license terms, please refer to our Creative Commons BY SA terms

Aktion Deutschland Hilft e.V. (Bonn, Germany)

In 2016, the alliance Aktion Deutschland Hilft conducted a contest for journalism on the topic of Humanitarian Aid, where five of six prize winning works were using music by Dokapi.

YouTube User KATREyuk (Spain)

Film of a scuba diving trip in the Mediterranean Sea at an island near Bernidorm (Spain) using our tracks "Silver Creek" and "Space Odyssey (Ambient Mix)".

[ Garbí con Nisos Benidorm, 16 de Agosto de 2014 ]

Lee and Karen Rentz (USA)

Lee is a full-time freelance photographer for many years. On a trip to Hawaii in spring 2013, he and his wife Karen went snorkling in a coral reeaf south of Kona and shot very beautiful pictures of sea turtles and a short movie "Dream of the Sea Turtle", for which they used our track "Silver Creek" of our album "Harmonic Waves".

You can watch it at Lee's blog: [HAWAII: The Grace of Sea Turtles]

New England Aquarium (Boston - USA)

The zebra shark has been added in fall 2012 for the "Tropical Oceans" exhibit. The juvenile sharks have a zebra-like texture whereas the adults look more like leopards.

Infos on Wikipedia: [Zebra Shark]

[ Meet the new zebra shark ]

John and Alexis Bilderback (Hawaii - USA)

For many years, John is a senior staff photographer of the SURFER magazine. Alexis is an action sport videographer. At the moment, John and Alexis are working on an exiting kitesurfing film showing truely spectacular material filmed in 2007 at various events and competitions throughout the world.

John and Alexis Bilderback - Lines

LINES - A film about kite surfing by John and Alexis Bilderback (Hawaii - USA)

The film was released on DVD in 2008. Dokapi has provided the music for two chapters and for a teaser clip.

Ian Britton (England)

Ian is principal photographer at and discovered our music on our homepage while looking for music under a creative commons license for use in his film projects.

Tyneside - A Video of Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England

Ian found our track The Streets Of Miami of our album Harmonic Waves to be the perfect match for his film about the streets and bridges of Newcastle and the river Tyne.

[ Room 418 ]

New England in the Fall

In fall 2007, Ian travelled to New England in the US for photo shooting and filming. Two films were created with music by Dokapi when he returned.

The first video is a slide show of Ian photographs featuring the tracks "Sentimental Notes", "Peacock" and "The Streets of Miami" taken from our album "Harmonic Waves".

[ New England in the Fall ]

Coastal New England

This film uses a previously unreleased track called "Balance"- an acoustic piece with a mellow mood matching perfectly to Ian's film.

[ Coastal New England ]

Giant Waves at the seafront in Seaham

A storm surge and high tide caused gigantic waves to arrive at the harbour of Seaham (Durham County, UK), producing impressive amounts of spray.