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Titus Köstler-Philipp: Acoustic Heartbeat

About Us and Our Music


Tilman and Titus

The name DOKAPI stems from the Esperanto du kapoj (two heads), the duo formed by guitarist Titus Köstler-Philipp and keyboarder Tilman Sommer. Since the late 80ies we are composing contemplative, atmospheric tracks using elements from Ambient, Jazz-Rock, Post-Rock, New Age and World Music. Our style is based on frequent improvisations by guitar and piano, the floating rhythms and the balance of acoustic and electronic sounds.



   Dokapi - Harmonic Waves CD Dokapi 2006
Romantic Underground - The Winter Edition CD Co-Art Music 2007
Dokapi - Continental Drift CD Dokapi/recordJet 2015

Titus Köstler-Philipp

Syncrisis - Reflections in Musical Power LP Syncrisis, UH 7313 1981
Syncrisis - Sunny Crisis LP Inside Records, IR 4020 1982
Andy Pyle - Barrier Language LP Synton Records, S 4008 1985
Acoustic Heartbeat Mini-CD Philipp-Art, TK41-MCD
Music Booklet: TK41 (ISMN M-700255-41-1)
Music Booklet with CD: TK44 (ISMN M-700255-44-2)

Tilman Sommer

Turbo Red - Turbo Red LP
Momo Records Germany, MMR 00333 LP
Momo Records Germany, MMR C0314 CD

2013-09-25: Founding of C3S

C3S Supporter Logo

Tilman became one of the 50 founders of the new European collection society C3S, which has been founded on 2013-09-25 in Hamburg during the "Reeperbahnfestival 2013".

We would like to encourage alle musicians, song poets and supporters, to consider becoming a member.

Further information can be found on the C3S home page

We sustain C3S

2006-08-28: Awards of the Week: 3x Best Keyboards in Electronica

Awards at Silver Creek - Best Keyboards of the week in Electronica in the weeks of 2006-08-14, 2006-08-28 and 2006-09-04.